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Virtualization Services

FNR Solutions Inc., helps you making production-like test environments a reality. Model and simulate real system behavior to eliminate system test dependencies and reduce the setup and infrastructure costs of traditional testing environments through Virtualization.

FNR enables your team to automate the testing of integrations in complex application environments much earlier in the development life cycle. Virtualized services can be deployed and replaced without having to reconfigure the original application environment, saving time and avoiding configuration errors that can affect your testing.

  • Simplify the creation of functional and regressions test that are resilient to UI changes
  • Validate complex integrations with extensive support for middleware and messaging formats
  • Easily author workload scenarios to ensure scalability of your server and integration infrastructure

Through this comprehensive set of capabilities, FNR advances your agile software development practices:

  • Improving development and test velocity with cloud accelerating delivery of software quality
  • Enabling parallel development with shared test environments and integration suites across teams
  • Delivering traceability and in-context collaboration across all domains and stakeholders in the software delivery chain